Package route


We send packages and cargo by air from the within U.S. or international, including Africa, Middle East, and Caribbean Islands for fraction of the price you pay traditional couriers and freight forwarders 


For far too long, sending a simple letter, document, or small package to international destinations by air, especially in Africa was a matter of choice between trying your luck with your local postal services network or parting away with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars using traditional air couriers and freight forwarders. When you try to send merchandise or cargo, it will cost you an arm and a leg leaving your customers with the burden of high prices to compensate for shipping cost. for many businesses, the wait for months before their items shipped by sea in arrive slows down business.
 It was out of the need to make shipping packages and  cargo (personal effects, goods, merchandise, equipment, and more) by air from the U.S. to Africa, Middle East, and Caribbean Islands easy, affordable, reliable, and timely that CaravanBox was founded. With prices set at below what you pay traditional couriers and freight forwarders, CaravanBox presents a better alternative. 
1. We offer unbeatable rates set far below what traditional couriers charge
2. We guarantee delivery to most destinations in 4 to 7 business days
3. We are certified by TSA which gives us access to unlimited number of flights
4. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide outstanding experience to our customers